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Think Twice Before SEO

Today, business owners are constantly and predominantly affected by providers who start search engine optimization (SEO). Email SEO “experts” mailboxes with unwanted suggestions and promises of # 1-page rankings and terrible warnings of bad luck when a company does not spend more time optimizing its website.

For years, SEO has been Shangri-La’s escape from digital marketing – an undefined product that promises a relatively modest amount to many visitors to a website. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it’s so.



Search Engine Optimization

Here is the truth. SEO is a real thing and if it is done successfully, it is extremely useful. But it’s not cheap, it’s hard to do, it takes a lot of time to get results, and finally, there is no guarantee that it will work.

The thing about SEO that has made snake oil sellers is that it is also very difficult to prove whether it is effective or not. If you have a good argument and you have a businessman who has neither the time nor the desire to understand digital marketing but knows it, SEO is the ultimate solution because everyone knows it works. In the end, there is no responsibility.

SEO is certainly complicated to do and understand, but try to simplify it. SEO has two main components: the technical page and the content page.

The technical side of SEO is based on how your website works. Will it load quickly? Does the mobile site react? Is your sitemap up to date? Do you have broken links on the site? Do You have SSL on Your site? These and other technical issues determine how Google places your business on search queries.

To improve your technical reference, you probably need a web developer (preferably the company that created the site) to regularly review your site to make sure it complies with the latest Google standards (which are constantly changing)).

SEO technical maintenance is a “best practice” and something you should do. However, be aware that less honest agencies and developers ask you to keep your SEO without ever changing the site. It is advisable to ask your SEO experts from time to time what he has been doing lately to improve your search results.

When SEO is sold, it is often on the content page. Essentially, the SEO content strategy is to fill a website with the new, fresh and attractive material. This content is written using relevant “keywords” for a company website. Content SEO is popular because it is relatively easy to produce and publish. All you have to do is write with keywords and relevant topics.

The problem with SEO content is that you can spend months there, write dozens of stories and never make a dent in the search engine rankings of websites. It is more of an art than a science. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work. There is simply no guarantee of the return on investment because Google does not specify exactly how websites are classified. We only know that it is based on many, many variables.


In the end, SEO is important, but if your business does not need the marketing money to run a consistent SEO campaign with a trusted SEO specialist, the best thing to do is buy digital advertising. With the many forms of digital advertising, you can tailor your customers to the needs of your business. More importantly, unlike SEO, you can control the amount of your advertising. You can analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns through analysis. After all, you can be close enough to determine an ROI on your marketing dollar.


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