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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, better called SEO, is that the process of optimizing websites and websites to play a prominent role on program results pages (SERPs). the upper the ranking of an internet site or page for a selected term, the more likely the user will click and visit.

This type of traffic is termed “organic”. It differs from other program marketing channels like pay-per-click in this it uses an oversized number of ranking factors and algorithmic models and is meant to be used as a natural source for queries from users. From our offices, we provide our SEO services in Nottingham and across the United Kingdom.


Research is that the backbone of digital marketing campaigns. Researching companies, sectors, competitors and keywords plays a central role in targeting websites. It identifies the important terms and expressions that individuals are actively searching for. We try this to confirm that your pages are optimized to be visible to active researchers.

With solid research both on-site and off-site, the inspiration stone will be laid to administer your campaign the most effective possible chance of working still as possible.

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We keep an eye fixed on your target keywords and their ranking positions within the search engines. This information is passed on clearly and precisely and provides you a visible representation of the direction of your website. Analytical comments also are regularly provided, listing traffic and conversion trends in a very number of other areas.

The SEO process produces monthly reports that show traffic, website performance, conversions, and pages on your website that perform better than others. this permits measurable progress and provides a summary of the websites that generate traffic and the way others will be revised and improved.


DigitalBrit employs a team of talented authors who are able to create a range of content types that supported a range of topics. Our copywriters can work with you to make a replica for your pages that describes the tone, style, and professionalism of your brand which matches the acceptable elements and algorithms for program optimization like Google Panda.

Our creative process will be accustomed to develop content and techniques that help promote your business across a range of channels with valuable and unique resources. it’s often been said that “content is king” which text-based program crawlers rely heavily on finding information in print.

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Our SEO Approach

SEO may be a science of the fashionable world and most SEO experts call it an art. an honest SEO business takes time and energy to create it work. the concept of SEO is to mix science and art. DigitalBrit Nottingham’s SEO experts believe using ethical programme optimization techniques for our customers that may deliver long-term results.


In order for the web site to be recognized by Google, the functionality of the web site must even be correct. If your website isn’t working properly, is slow, or doesn’t have a positive user experience, Google is unlikely to feature related search results. Our web development team and SEO experts can easily check the performance of your websites. Various speed tests, Google Page tests and Mobile Accelerated Pages tests make sure that everything works properly which it complies with Google algorithms.

DigitalBrit offers a good range of SEO services, from first checking your website to continuous optimization.
• Blog
• Write a replica
User experience
• Online advice
• Competitor analysis and marketing
• Creation of links
• Disclaimer for the link
• Optimization of social media
• Reports

Not all marketing channels are suitable for all companies, but it’s fine! We review variety of promoting opportunities to attain your goals and work with you to develop a method to support your marketing needs. So whether we want to boost the technical condition of your website, improve your local business profile or increase sales for a selected service; Our digital marketing experts here in Nottingham are ready for the challenge. These are the basics we perform while working on your project:

Content review

One of the foremost important ranking factors for any website is that the quality of the content. If your website doesn’t have relevant content that matches Google searches, Google is unlikely to acknowledge and rate it. Our team analyses your current content and relevant keywords and ensures that the content and keywords be for your company and properly represent the services or products you offer. DigitalBrit SEO Agency Nottingham can develop SEO strategies to achieve a web audience.

E-commerce SEO

There’s no room for half every day at Harry’s when it involves your SEO. It’s not enough to optimize only 1 of your pages for search engines. Every page should be optimized very well. Fortunately, this is often what our SEO team does best. We ensure that your entire website is that the absolute best for your website visitors which the search engines can improve your ranking.

Technical referencing

Technical considerations are the idea for the success of SEO. If your website isn’t ready for search engines, efforts within the future won’t be maximized. A technically sound website shows the search engines that you simply invest in your website / online presence so as to supply your users the simplest possible experience. Ask our SEO agency in Nottingham to test your website.

Local referencing

Our Nottingham team can facilitate your increase your visibility within the region and attract new customers from the world. Local programme optimization also means you improve your ranking for searches that do not include a location, but are supported where you’re. for instance, if you explore for “restaurants” you may see local results for you. We are here to convey your local business the simplest chance of winning nearby customers.

International programme optimization

Does your company sell products or services outside of the UK? If so, you recognize how important it’s to draw in customers from everywhere the planet. this is often what our international SEO service is for! We apply best practices and techniques to make sure that your business has the simplest chance of beating your competition and facilitate the growth of your business even further.

With every client that involves us for SEO services, we wish to check the overall health of your site with an SEO audit. If the foundations aren’t right, then what we will achieve with SEO are limited. a number of the items we glance at are the technical elements of your site, all over to the analytics and performance of specific pages. This suggests that we’re able to specialize in the areas that basically matter for you!

Mobile SEO

We’re using our phones for quite ever before, making it detrimental that our online experience on them matches up with our experience on desktop. Google has even introduced new refined algorithms to reflect this! What does that mean for you? If your website isn’t following the new trends, it’ll affect your visibility in search engines. We ensure your website is fully optimised for search engines and your potential customers.