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Google Business View is an interactive virtual 360 ° tour of every company. Google Street View is no longer just for streets! Google’s latest Google Street View technology enables businesses to showcase their interiors, which would ultimately improve their Google list. You can now attract and influence potential customers if they decide to use your products or services.

The tour can be viewed on your desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet, allowing customers to tour across multiple devices. Just click “see inside” and search. This visit is a proven method that increases inquiries, visits, and reservations, and ultimately increases sales.

Google Maps Business View is a great new way to view local businesses near you. Google Maps has long been a great way for users to roam areas and not get lost as all available local areas, facilities, and monuments are fully covered. They further enhanced this coverage with Street View, where users could actually get a first-person view of streets and local areas as if they were walking through the streets themselves.

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The advantages of Google Business View are:


A virtual tour of your business is published on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ to drive more visitors to your website.


Integrate your virtual tour into your website or email newsletter to offer visitors and subscribers a visually appealing experience

When researchers and site visitors start your virtual tour, they are more likely to become customers