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7 ways to promote business online without big investment

How to promote your business online? How can I reach my potential customers?  Tips to make your business more visible, online or offline?  You are going to get all your answers in this 10 minutes read.

Nowadays there are so many possibilities to grow your business online as you can now let people know about you in no time. Also in the good old days, when you just had to decide the flyers and pamphlets to promote your business, the reach of the business was quite less. But now a single picture with a little information about the business can make you popular among your target audience.

These 7 most effective ways are quite affordable to promote your business online from your city to the whole world.

1. Create Google my Business profile

If you do have a store, restaurant, or any other outlet where footfall is needed, Google My Business is the best way to promote your business locally. Your Google business profile makes you visible in the Google maps. When someone near your area, searches about the products and services you provide in Google, your listing will show up and the user can find your store through the directions. Google Business profile is the best friend of your local business. It’s completely free and helpful in the manner to keep your customers updated with your new arrivals and discounts.

How to create listing in Google my Business

Steps to create Google Business listing: Google My Business needs some basic steps to create a proper listing. You just have to Type the following details.

  1. Write your Business name
  2. Your Business Address
  3. Category of your business
  4. A little description about your business
  5. Working hours
  6. Some beautiful pictures of your interior and exterior.

Once your location is added, Google will send you a code at your store within the next few days. This is basically a verification code to verify if your business exists in the same location. Once you put your code in the “Verify your Business” column, your listing is published on Google. Your business will be visible in Google maps and people can directly visit your outlet by following the directions.

 2. Create a website

Your website is your virtual office and everybody needs an office. When you start taking your business into the digital world, having a website is one of the most important and initial steps. Your website is the go-to for current and prospective customers. After spending time on your social media pages or Google business listing, your customers will like to visit your website. Just like Google Business listing, your website serves to promote your business around the clock.

A good business website gives a brief detail about you to your customers. The website tells people that what services and products you provide. A website should contain all the information about your business that your customers should know.

There are so many advantages of having a website i.e. it tells you the behavior of your customer. If we use the proper analytics tools like, Google analytics, we would have all the stats about the customer behavior on our website. For instance, if you are running your Google ads for your business, the analytic tool will provide you the data like, on which page the user landed? How much time did he spend there? Did the user buy the product or not? How many pages did the user visit after landing on the particular page? Etc.  This could be very helpful data to promote your business online.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is another useful part of Digital Marketing. SEO is a set of practices that helps to align your business with search engine algorithms. Search Engine Optimization helps you to get your website to appear on the search engines when a user searches for something about your business. Search engine algorithms use machine learning to observe the user behavior and get the most relevant and accurate results to show the user.

SEO isn’t just considered as a single tactic, it helps to improve the results as multiple tactics. Google has its superb location-based results, so you can come up as a big retailer in your city and area, without spending a dime.

You can get good SEO results if you have

  1. Relevant industry and location-based keywords.
  2. Your website has relevant and quality content with a fine percentage of keywords.
  3. If your website speed is optimized according to search engines standard.
  4. If you have a user-friendly website.

Search Engine Optimization can be the best promotion technique for your business as it doesn’t need a lot of money like running ads. SEO will always generate more leads than social media because, unlike social media, the user has come to your website by searching the product and services you are selling.

4. Blog

Maintaining a blog is important for your business and SEO. In SEO terms, it is said “Content is the king”. Having a blog on the website allows you to add more and more content to your website. If you use your blog section right, you can become the SEO king. SEO is all about using the website content in the right way. All you should provide is a great user experience by following Search engine parameters.

Blog content should always be relevant and should relate to your product and services. It would be best if you know that what a customer can search about your product. For example, you have a Digital Marketing agency in London; the questions of your customers can be

1. What is the best digital marketing agency in London?
2.  How can I promote my business thru digital marketing?
3. What is SEO and how can it be helpful for my business?

It feels good when you share your knowledge about a product you know with the people who don’t. If the user finds the topic relevant, he is much likely to spend time reading the article. Google observes the activity of each n every user who visits your website. When a user spends time on your website, Google knows that the user has found what he was looking for and it is considered as the relevant piece of content. Google will then like to give you more reach by ranking your website on this particular topic.

5. Google Ads:

Google ads are the most popular and an instant way to promote your business online. When you want instant results and customers, you can always go for Google ads. Google ads don’t require a website but it’s better to have one as it satisfies your customer to have a better landing page about all the necessary information about your business. Ads can also be run for Google my Business listing.

Google ads example

Google ads are popular because you can completely focus on getting leads thru them. According to your business, there are several types of ads provided by Google like, Call ads, Shopping ads, Display Ads, and Search ads. These ads can be run according to your business’s nature and the leads you want to get.

 SEO can be a time taking process to get you ranked on search engines. It could take weeks to reach your potential customers. But if you have the budget, you should think twice about going for SEO. SEO and SEM (Search engine marketing) are different kinds of strategies.

6. Social Media

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc are big names in social media. Facebook is the biggest social media platform that allows you to get viral worldwide. FB has the biggest market you can take benefit from, by promoting your business. Facebook and Instagram allow you to get more leads by displaying your products to their users.

Social media platforms can be supportive for local plus global branding of your business. These platforms allow you to reach the audience in your specific area. For example, you have opened a new restaurant and you don’t know how to tell people that there is a new restaurant in the city. In old times, pamphlets, brochures, and billboards were used which were the exorbitant costly modes of branding and marketing. Nowadays, you can use social media to let people know about your new restaurant by selecting the city while targeting your audience. In Facebook and Instagram, you can select the radius in miles around your restaurant.

You can upload pictures and discounts on social media to attract more audiences. You can inform your customers of your new arrivals. Basically, it is an easy way to stay connected with your audience and customers.

7. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to keep winning the customers’ interest and attract new customers. YouTube is free to use, plus this is one of the most effective ways to keep connected with your potential customers. Put together a quick overview of your business and upload it to YouTube. YouTube provides a great tool to add the video to your website directly from YouTube. You can circulate the website page to your customers and target audience via Email.

Bottom Line: You can easily promote your business by investing less money with these 7 effective ways of online marketing. You know that no one else can understand your business better than you. You know what is your target audience and what your customers are expecting from you.

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